Wednesday, March 6, 2013

m o a b

the husband and i took the weekend
to enjoy some climbing and warm weather in moab.
i love this human more than words can express
and i prefer when it's just us.

we bouldered and did a little climbing.
to say i freaked myself out on a climb
is probably an understatement
since i was up on the wall for well over an hour.

go me.

my favorite was and probably will always be
sleeping in the back of the truck.
who wouldn't want to share a sleeping bag
with this guy..

miss june loves moab just as much as us.
we took her to the dog park in town one morning
so she could play with the other dogs
and we could drink a cup of joe.
she loved it.

i can feel summer coming. can you?


  1. your husband and you are really cool! i love climbing as well and i truly miss it right now... but spring and the better weather are about to arrive in germany... finally!!

    i tagged you for my "the best things - project"
    i would love if you'd be a part of this!!

  2. I love these pictures.

    I just started camping recently and maybe climbing will be my next outdoor adventure. Really inspired the post.