Friday, March 15, 2013

t h e b e s t t h i n g s i n l i f e

i needed several days of rest from the weekend we had.
the warm weather, hot tub, food, climbing,
and chatting around the fire with friends was just what this 
little heart needed.

but the concert. it was wild.
it was very wild.

sweet hannah over at 
tagged me in this post.
and because i completely agree that
the best things in life aren’t things,

here are my best things

1. my husband’s love
2. appreciation
3. weekends
4. the history of everyday people
5. the middle of nowhere
6. strong, graceful women
7. going home to a happy animal
8. goals
9. dark, starry nights
10. pictures

and because we missed tuesdays tunes,
"some call love a curse, some call love a thief 
but she's my home 
and she's as much apart for this broken heart, 
but see broken bones always seem to mend"

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  1. I wish I could post this creatively. :) Holler on number 6! I hope you had a great weekend.