Tuesday, March 19, 2013

s t o r y t i m e

today i walked out to the parking lot.
key in hand and stared at my car for probably a good minute
before i was sure it was mine.
i have drove the same car for several years.
this seems to be happening more and more.
so before i forget what i am saying...

let me tell you a story.

i went to the wedding of a beautiful girl in canada.
the wedding was in a church.
and after the wedding party
when we were cleaning up and leaving the building,
i found the most life changing little magazine in the restroom.
yes, the women’s restroom sink.
it wasn’t really a magazine, rather a look book.

for the spring/summer billabong line.

before you laugh, or vomit 
i suggest you take a look at this website.
not only was the book sooooo appealing to the eye
and i would be ecstatic wearing any item on this site,
the people featured in the book couldn’t be more beautiful.
it was called 
i’ll go if you go.

i kept it in my purse for almost a year and recently
put it in my car glove box to pull out on long adventures.
the book, it’s beautiful from front to back, beginning to end.
it’s colorful and creative and pretty much straight from the
land my mind wanders to when i daydream.

anyways, i thought i would share two pretty people
i now follow on the web who were featured in said book.

take her
her art
her music

and this one.

a mama who is naturally beautiful
and her blog seems to show a simple, raw,
a real way of living.
incredible eye for photos
simple and profound way of writing.
and a lifestyle i dream of.

well the husband is sick.
i'm going to make some tea
and hopefully catch the sunset
from my front porch.

night lovers.

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