Thursday, April 4, 2013

e a s t e r

i am a sun baby. the husband and i are having serious conversations about moving close to the ocean and the warmth. we used to be into the extreme weather, but the dark depressing winters are not for us anymore. it will be a bit tricky to keep our mountains and gain the ocean, but before the next winter we are determined to find a balance of both.

oh easter weekend. it was filled with family, golfing, thrift store trips, eating, birthdays, and pool parties. we almost didn’t come home. unfortunately, we have jobs, marathon training, and a sad dog we had to get back to.

jess (my sisterinlaw) blow drying jax (my nephew)'s cast. 
swimming was too much fun.

and happy birthday to my favorites
amy and travis
we had one big swim party down there to celebrate!
love them to the moon. 

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