Thursday, April 11, 2013

a p r i l - 1 1

the last few days have been gloomy
and my attitude has seemed to follow suit.
im snappy and bitchy
and have not really had anything pleasant to say.
quite frankly.. there has not been one reason for it.

last weekend we had a bon fire with our neighbors.
saturday, while i went to a baby shower,
casey did the yard work.
then we did what we wanted.
seriously... that was our plan for the evening.

do whatever we want.

this meant looking for chickens, eating mexican food, 
and shopping for underwear at target.

sunday, i went for a 9 mile run with this babe,
listened to a bit of conference,
and ate birthday cake for this guy.

like i said. 
no reason for the negativity. 
in fact this week has been great.

i found out i have 28 days of paid vacation left
this guy is coming to town.
i got our front runner passes from work.
i bought running shorts and socks in the little girl department.
i ate an entire beto's burrito the other night.
we're booking our dallas, tx and rangers tickets.
and.. i bought this book on Amazon. 

i found this when i got home last night.
heart melted.

i am a bit addicted to this song right now.
prepare to have your mind blown.

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