Friday, April 19, 2013

l i f e, a g a i n

i  decided i am forced to start training for my marathon.
this is what i always do... procrastinate until the last minute.

try to find a four week training program 
for a full marathon...
you can’t.
because it’s a stupid idea!

so here i go.. slamming it into 28 lousy days
to figure out how to get through 26.2 miles.
i wonder if the race officials would notice me wearing heelys.
yes, yes. i have a pair.

in all reality, my mind needs the running too.
i need to get out of my head and onto the pavement.
taxes physically drained me last week
our taxes took 20 minutes maybe... ya, i don’t get it.

i pushed through an upset stomach 
and went to this concert last night.
man, people in provo need to loosen up
and move to the music.

my husband did, i swayed,
and provo stood still.

my husband said he would dance with me,
so for my favorite song... he did just that.
and those that didn’t, you missed out.

we then went to the hospital for oreo shakes,
argued music and religion,
and blasted his cd on the way home.

not bad thursday... not bad.

 pictures taken from here

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