Wednesday, July 24, 2013

t h e u i n t a s

we took a mini getaway this past weekend high up in the uinta mountains. there is nothing better than throwing on a pack and hiking into the woods with your dog and some good people. 

casey and i went up a little early, played in a waterfall, set up camp, and let miss june do some swimming. when our friends joined us that night, we spent hours listening to music and enjoying dinner around the camp fire. 

casey and i got no sleep. something about that bear country was wild and the animals were out all night. two moose joined us by the lake in the morning and i stuffed my face with cranberries and cherries for breakfast.

-i got to cleanse my crystals in the mountain water and casey picked me flowers-
-i love early mornings in the mountains-
after taking hours to get up and going, we hit up the crag for some climbing and june swam some more.


as the day ended, we headed home, laundered our clothes, cut the grass, and hit the bed early.
satisfied and exhausted.

mountains will do that to ya.

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