Friday, July 19, 2013

t a n n e r

we had a scare on the 22nd of june when my brother was cut off by a car while riding his motorcycle one night. we are lucky for helmets and the smart boy who wore his.

his friend was following in the car behind him, watched the whole thing, and was able to hold him until the medics arrived.
i arrived sunday morning to the hospital and immediately burst into tears when i saw him. he broke his femur, cheek bones, and foot and had stitches just about everywhere.

the body is an incredible thing.
he spent a week in the ICU and then a week more in neurology unit
trying to get his sodium level to come up and make sure there was no brain damage.
he’s home now and as crazy as ever.
my mom has put him to work folding laundry and doing anything else from the couch.

now someone convince him to not buy another bike.

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