Friday, September 5, 2014

d a y o f l a b o r

...or weekend of fun.

it is blowing my mind that september is here. we had a very low key summer and this year is just flying by. i am in a panic to try to catch up on everything i wanted to do. i feel like my life is flashing by at a rapid speed, and all my goals are sitting still. i have a lot to catch up on.

labor day weekend was a hoot. we started the weekend celebrating casey quitting his job. it was finally decided that happiness/dreams are more important for the mind/soul than a silly job, so he bid farewell and hasn't looked back. he is picking up jobs with friends/family and trying to start his own little construction crew with his brothers construction company. he has stayed busy so far, but the one day he was home- dinner was cooked, the bed was made, and the animals were happy. i was almost convinced, he should just not work.

we celebrated more on that friday evening. amy and travis were driving home from california and they stopped by for some chit-chat. it gets a little wild with them. a good wild.

we woke up early saturday morning and hit the boat with my family. it was an overcast day and the lake was empty. i attempted to slalom on the "fat man ski", but the water was choppy, so i knee-boarded a bit and then ate an entire can of chex mix with my dad as casey and tanner had their turns. we decided to give in to the weather, and headed home for a spur-of-the-moment ping-pong tournament that i almost won... dang tanner. your skills are unreal.

after a long day of boating and family fun, we weren't done sucking the fun out of the day. we packed up the truck and headed to joe's valley with amy, travis, and dolly. it was so much fun sleeping in the back of the truck, waking up to the sun and good coffee. we bouldered all day but i had stubbed my toe the day before, so I couldn't keep it in a climbing shoe for long. that didn't matter. we climbed til we hurt and stopped off at groggs for some famous grub.

on the actual labor day, we did labor. we woke up early to go treasure hunting at garage sales and found the perfect vintage glasses, some records, and a few rings. the rest of the day was boring deep cleaning the house and other grownup stuff, but we ended the long weekend just right at my parents for a barbeque. it was just about the perfect weekend.

my sister is a babe.
climbing the midget... seemed appropriate

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