Thursday, August 28, 2014

l a k e p o w e l l

eating a salad at midnight in the walmart parking lot

well hello there. our internet sucks at our house, so i've been a little absent/missing... good excuse eh ;) no worries though- google fiber/the internet king is on the way, so hopefully i will be back to documenting/rambling on about our little/ordinary life soon enough.

we decided to take a spur of the moment trip to lake powell/heaven with our friends aaron and lindsey (and i dragged afton along for the ride) and of course the dogs/children - june, posey, and henley. my whole life owning a boat, i had never been (what a damn shame), so we decided to end the summer on a high note.

thursday night, they picked us up on the way out of town/grown up life. of course, there were several items we forgot/decided we needed, so we made a few many pit stops. we were in no hurry, because we were driving through the night and would just be going to bed as soon as we got there. we took our sweet little time stopping every hour to let the dogs pee, get drinks, take pictures of horses walking through the gas station, and long talk about our dreams of being good at acroyoga and aerial silk. seriously.

we got to lake powell around 4 am, so we all hopped in the boat to sleep/dream in the parking lot after first dipping our feet in the lake. there was a light mist all night, so june and i cuddled/smothered in my sleeping bag. it was incredible. the next morning we made coffee and jumped on the boat. we found the perfect camping spot rather quickly/lightening fast that was nestled up in a huge cave. the walk up was steep, but it was too good to pass up. we unloaded everything, put up camp, and hit the boat in record speed. it was the ideal time to go to lake powell. it was the first week of school, so we had the lake to ourselves.

the weekend was incredible. full of water solo climbing, early morning skiing, lots of jimmy buffet, getting bombed by russians (fireworks in the middle of the night), cliff jumping, dreaming of stan's burgers, swimming, getting bruises, laying/passing out in hammocks, dance parties, coffee coffee and more coffee, falling down, conquering goals for oreos, sand in every place possible, not running over dogs that fell out of the boat, making fools of ourselves wake-skating, bathing in the lake, deep conversations about high-school, hitting rocks and not breaking the boat, burning brats, peeing off the back of the boat, two shots kendra, no-swim-top skiing, writing in aaron's journal and more. the sun burns and sore bodies were definitely worth every ounce of fun/work.

we have decided/made a pact to make it a yearly trip and i cannot wait for next year.

our little camp spot in the cave

june always worried about us. either jumping/falling into the water to save us, or whining in the boat. 
that girl could/would swim all day if we let her.

aaron's awesome gainer

listening to casey tell me how to be a better skier

aaron's hot komono (lindsey's)

always count on skiing. one early morning i decided to just go watch in my pajamas. the water was too good though. so i went topless and found some shorts in the boat i tied with an elastic to fit.
the coolest couple with the coolest dog- posey 

and of course stans... the best burger and shakes on the way out

i tell ya- those atwoods are good people/friends! a few nights after getting home aaron and i were texting about how much money we owed for gas and i was sending him the pictures of his gainer off the cliff. his reply:

"thanks for the pictures. you're a rose in a field of daisies"

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