Thursday, February 26, 2015

o w l r o c k : : m o a b

last week i saw an instagram picture of someone climbing the owl rock in arches national park. i took a screenshot and sent casey the picture... "we are climbing this over the weekend."

and that is just what we did.

we invited our good friends, seth and steph, and took off after work on friday. it was late when we rolled into moab, so we parked to sleep along the colorado river. i love getting in late, going to sleep, and waking up surrounded by tall, sandstone walls. sleeping in the back of the truck with june and casey is pretty much my favorite. 

after breakfast the next morning, we took june to the vet for the day (because arches is not dog friendly) and took the afternoon to climb the owl rock. whoever named the tower "the owl" sure has an imagination. we nicknamed it " the johnson." just google "the owl rock in arches" and you will know what i mean. it was a really interesting climb and so awesome that we did exactly what we planned. 

we drove back through town to get june and grabbed dinner at zaks, before heading to a new campsite on potash. we chatted around the campfire and headed to bed. sunday was spent on potash climbing flakes of wrath when it started to snow. it was windy and although really miserable weather, casey and seth climbed on. at one point my knuckles started bleeding while belaying because it was so cold and i had to put on casey's shoes to stay warm. 

regardless of the cold, moab is always so good to us. can't wait to spend many summer weekends there.


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