Tuesday, February 3, 2015

2 7 t h i n g s b e f o r e 2 8

"so many of us choose our path out of fear disguised as practicality. what we really want seems impossibly out of reach and ridiculous to expect, so we never dare to ask the universe for it. i am saying… that you can ask the universe for it."
jim carrey

it finally set in last night that yes, i am now 27 and it is enough to send me into a full-blown panic attack. the lady at the rec-center counter offered me the youth rate membership price and i was all smiles until she glanced at the screen and was like... wait, you're 27?? my facebook feed screams late twenties as it's drowning in baby announcements and questions like, how do i get my baby to sleep through the night and i'm over here like ahhhhhh.

27 is going to be a wild year. i can feel it. a year of firsts, a year of travel, a year of climbing, and a year of change.

as always, my birthday comes with a list of to dos. so without further ado...

27 things before 28
1. legally change my last name to fromm
2. make 5 new lifelong friends
3. maintain an exercise regimen so i can run a 50k
4. love my body :: wear sunblock, floss daily, sleep more, exercise, eat brightly colored fruits and vegetables, and stop abusing my body with diet soda and too much sugar
5. begin learning a new language
6. get over my road rage problem... it's starting to affect my mental health
7. touch my feet to my head in a handstand
8. climb a v9 boulder
9. on-time birthday presents for every family member
10. bike around utah lake
11. go on a road tip to joshua tree in our bus sunshine
12. visit a new continent
13. lean a new trick on the wakeboard
14. kiss my husband on the top of ancient art tower
15. play a song on the violin for my mother
16. cut the umbilical chord of child and welcome him to life!
17. tattoo my wedding ring
18. visit the wave - coyote buttes with afton
19. go on at least 1 river trip
20. earn $10,000 to help save my friend josephine!
21. lead a trad climb
22. picnic and mountain bike ride around antelope island
23. restore my grandparents typewriter and write someone a letter
24. finish our back patio and have a big bbq with friends
25. train june to bring me her leash, to bow, and to put her toys away 
26. paraglide at the point of the mountain
27. and when/if we have/adopt a baby, prove the "i can't wait until you have children...." spiel wrong. i will still love my dog and i will still go climbing. :)

but most importantly, i am going to enjoy another 365 day journey around the sun.
much love,

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