Sunday, April 17, 2011

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ten things that bug me today.

1. casey and i not owning a piano.
2. living to work rather than
   working to live.
3. girls with short hair.
   shaved maybe. other than that...
   no. no no no no.
4. boys with short hair.
5. annie chewing my shoe.
   this is the only bad thing
   she has ever done to me.
6. government. free me from taxes.
7. judgmental people.
   ex 193884. a lady at my office telling me
   it's a stupid idea casey and i wanna buy
   a cabin. not a house. we are not you.
8. ugly people making out in the car
   next to me at the park during the day
9. no ice cream. always bad.
10. boyfriend gone, but i'm going to
   visit him this weekend.

i must get back to my sisters.
we are painting and learning a
shakira music video.
yes. we are that cool.

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