Thursday, March 28, 2013

r a m b l i n g

we didn’t make it to the concert.
well we did.
we opened the door several hours late,
loudly interrupted the silence, and decided not to go in.

the night began with the husband
turning on our wedding song,
grabbing my hand, and dancing with me
ever so sweetly in the hallway.

we took our neighbors to the delicious black sheep grill
which i have talked about before here.
the night was filled with life conversations
and ended with drinks at spark.

monday i traded cooking and cleaning 
for sickness with my husband.
the beginning of this week has been filled with
bad eating, sleeping, and tissue boxes.

i was happy to be feeling better today.
i went to my mom's for lunch
and enjoyed the nice sun with 
my lil man ranger.

life is good. 

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