Thursday, July 25, 2013

2 5 t h y e a r u p d a t e

for my birthday last january, i created a goal list
i have 25 things to do before i turn 26.
here is a little update...

1. hike mt timpanogos (planned for september)
2. write an ebook
3. maintain an exercise regimen so i can run a full marathon in may, do 100 pushups, and 30 nonstop pull-ups
4. shoot an elk and eat it. then start eating a lot less meat.
5. sky dive (next week, ahhhhhh)
6. buy a house (working to put in an offer, double ahhhhhhh)
7. get to under 100 pounds
8. lead a multi pitch sport climb and climb a v7 boulder
9. go on a backpacking trip
10. learn to cook 3 family meals from casey’s mother and 3 from mine
11. make at least 20k outside of my regular job and/or enough money to allow casey to quit and pick a job he likes.
12. 360 picture challenge on instagram: follow me @kendrafromm
13. save a few thousand dollars
14. write another song on the guitar
15. learn at least 5 new difficult piano songs
16. camp on the beach in california
17. travel to one new country
18. do a hundred mile bike ride
19. keep my car clean (ha ha)
20. visit joes, moes, moab, or the city of rocks at least once a month from april to october
21. be able to work from home
22. teach june how to roll over, play dead, and stick em’ up.
23. get pregnant (working on it ;))
24. learn photoshop and start taking photography clients
25. make 5 new friends

hopefully the second half of the 25th year is a little more productive.

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